From Logs to Lumber:

A tour of our
hardwood lumber mills.

Cascade Hardwood Group is Currently Two Sawmills.

Cascade Hardwood in Chehalis Washington, and Port Angeles Hardwood in Port Angeles Washington. Large investments in production facilities, employee training, manufacturing equipment, and process control allow us to provide our customers with the very best Alder, Ash and Maple hardwood lumber.

Washington, USA

Cascade Hardwood Group is currently two sawmills: Cascade Hardwood in Chehalis Washington, and Port Angeles Hardwood in Port Angeles Washington.

Our experience and skill with Alder in its many forms is the key to our consistently superior lumber. We are experts in the material and in providing you with the very best personal service in the industry. Our management systems include our front line workers in problem solving and establishing performance standards. Quality and Value performance of both, personnel and machines, is formally measured and tracked each production shift. We analyze and track product quality, from the furnish entering our log yard, to the finished product sent to our customers.

Our continuous Quality and Process Control development and training programs help to make our employees experts in understanding and responding to each customer’s unique needs.

Port Angeles
Washington, USA

The Port Angeles Hardwood sawmill produces high quality furniture grade lumber from Alder and several other local hardwoods for its customers around the world. In the last 20 years the use of Alder as a furniture grade hardwood has steadily increased, and Port Angeles Hardwood is an important new source.

This new state-of-the-art mill is located south of Port Angeles in Washington State. This area is the center of the Alder timber resource in Clallam County. Alder grows rapidly along the wet Pacific coast from Northern California to southern British Columbia. The area is the perfect environment for the species.

The sawmill and extensive buildings cover approximately 25 acres of the 30.3 acre site. All of the processing occurs in fully enclosed buildings to provide the optimal manufacturing and working conditions needed for this high value product. Appearance sensitive grades are handled with extra care during the milling process to insure the very finest end product for our customers.

Sawdust, tree bark, sander dust, and clean residuals not suitable for sale as hardwood pulp chips are sent via fully enclosed conveyors to a containment building and used in an on-site high-tech wood fired boiler to provide heated steam for the drying kilns. Excess fiber from the manufacturing process is sold for use by other energy producers or as soil amendments and additives. This mill wastes nothing and is an example of clean and modern sawmilling technology at its very best.

Investment in state-of-the-art log processing, milling, sanding and kiln equipment guarantee the product quality our customers need. Port Angeles Hardwood is ready to supply your exact lumber needs from our extensive inventory.