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Alder Grade Selector

Alder’s flexible workability and excellent finishing capabilities make it one of North America’s superior hardwood species for manufacturers. It’s flexibility allows it be used alone or together with other species. Alder is a closed or fine grained wood similar to cherry, birch and maple. It is widely used in both solid wood and veneer applications. Alder has a light uniform color of both heartwood and sapwood which make it easy to form, fasten and finish.

Maple Grade Selector

Pacific Coast (PC) Maple lumber is widely used in furniture, cabinet, casegood, flooring and specialty applications. Manufacturers appreciate PC Maple for its flexibility in both uses and finishes. The rare figured PC Maple lumber is prized for custom furniture and veneer applications.

Cottonwood Grade Selector

Cottonwood is a lightweight, affordable species that has good nail-holding ability. It is a versatile species used for applications including furniture, pallets, and crating. It can also be found in snowboards and caskets. Cottonwood’s color ranges from ivory to white to brown with streaks, and is often used as a substitute for North American Yellow Poplar.

Lenga Grade Selector

Lenga is similar in grain and color to American Alder and American Cherry. Cascade recognized the similarity between Alder and Lenga decades ago and is now bringing it to market in large volumes. The Cascade Lenga is being harvested from vast company-owned and managed timberlands. Lenga has a moderate difference between heartwood and sapwood. It is a native species to a region encompassing Southern Argentina and Chile, with heavy concentrations in the area of Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. Lenga is known in many countries as Fireland or Patagonian Cherry.