#1 Shop Grade Cottonwood Hardwood Lumber

Clear Cutting Boards
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#1 Shop

Cottonwood #1 Shop will yield Clear Two Face cuttings as well as larger One Face Cuttings.

It is ideal for panel and furniture production as well as a high yield paint grade applications. #1 Shop is not selected for sap and heartwood and can contain a range of colors.

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6'1" 7'1" 8'1" 8'3" 8'3" solid pack 10'1" 12'1"
Width Specs: 
  • 4" (102mm) admitting by volume
  • 5% narrows minimum
Length Specs: 
  • 6' (1.83m) minimum
Cutting Specs: 
  • 4" x 24" (102mm x 610mm) and longer
  • 3" x 3' (76mm x 914mm) and longer one-face cuttings
  • Back of cuttings are sound or better
Notes Glossary

66.6% overall minimum yield.