Chop Grade Alder Cottonwood Lumber

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Cottonwood: Chop

Cottonwood Chop grade boards provide structural grade boards for upholstery frame construction and crating.

Cottonwood Chop can also be used in the shorter cuttings required for furniture or in furniture that features knots and other natural characteristics as design elements.

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6'1" 7'1" 8'1" 8'3" 8'3" solid pack 10'1" 12'1"
Width Specs: 
  • 4" (102mm) admitting by volume
  • 5% narrows minimum
Length Specs: 
  • 6' (1.83m) minimum
Cutting Specs: 
  • 3" x 24" (76mm x 610mm)
  • Longer structurally sound cuttings
Notes Glossary

50% overall minimum yield.