#1 Shop Color Grade Maple Hardwood Lumber

Clear Cutting Boards
Clear 1 Face cutting (C1F)
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Maple: #1 Shop Color

#1 Shop Color is a 66.6% Clear One Face cuttings.

Maple #1 Shop Color grade is a high-grade board selected for Clear Two Face and Clear One Face applications, but with allowed discoloration of white blotchy sticker impression or blue stain in the clear face cuttings.

The Clear Two Face cuttings are ideal for panel production, cabinetry, and furniture. The Clear One Face cuttings are well suited for case good fronts and tops, and cabinetry requiring only one clear face.

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6'1" 7'1" 8'1" 8'3" 8'3" solid pack 10'1" 12'1"
Width Specs: 
  • 3 3/8" (86mm) minimum
Length Specs: 
  • 6' (1.83m) minimum
Cutting Specs: 
  • 4" x 24" (102mm x 610cm) and longer
  • 3" x 3' (76mm x 914mm) and longer one-face cuttings
  • Back of cuttings are sound or better
Notes Glossary

66.6% overall minimum yield.