Commitment To The Environment

Sustainability is a Key Focus at Cascade


At Cascade Hardwoods we all believe that forest products are preferable materials, not only because they are durable and attractive, but also because they originate from renewable resources.

Our resource team buys logs exclusively from forests managed in a sustainable and environment-friendly way. We closely observe all federal, state and local regulations on timber harvesting which helps us provide long-term economic benefits for the areas where we operate, as well as ensuring that the forests preserve our wood resource for future generations to meet their own needs. In Washington and Oregon, a large part of school funding comes from responsible forest management, something we both take pride in and take very seriously.


Cascade Hardwood also strives to manufacture using the most efficient processes when it produces top quality products while demonstrating environmental leadership. Throughout the company we efficiently market and consume all the products made from the timber we buy, lumber is sold to secondary manufacturers worldwide, bark, sawdust, chips are either sold and consumed in our production processes making lumber.

In addition, our commitment to health and well‐being extends to the end users of our products, as our lumber is 100% natural. It is processed without the use of chemical treatments using only steam generated from wood waste for drying. Our customers know that when selling Cascade products they are coming from legal, responsibly harvested forests, manufactured using safe, efficient processes, and from a company that values its employees by providing competitive wage, jobs and benefits.

Cascade’s goal is to run a clean, safe work environment, and efficiently manufacture quality products that our customers can use to create unique hardwood products for consumers worldwide. We understand that preserving the availability of natural, renewable resources will provide quality Alder and other hardwoods for generations.