Value-Added Products

Value-Added is a Key Part of Cascade's Future

Cascade Hardwood LLC is aggressively moving into offering value-added products.  We now have the capability to straight line rip 1 edge or to maximum width both edges up to 11” wide.  We can gang rip to fixed widths making moulder ready blanks.  We can also surface via a straight knife planer to 13/16” or 25/32”.  Lastly we can fingerjoint Alder with a large shoulder making 100% 16’ long Alder moulder blanks in either SUP or PRE Alder.

This capability gives you access to a nearly complete remanufacturing shop right from the mill.  For those distributors lacking reman capabilities, or for manufacturers wanting to repurpose the large areas this equipment takes up, Cascade’s “Ready-To-Run Alder” program might be the ideal fit.

Highlights of the
“Ready-to-Run Alder” program

  • Gang Rip using state of the art Cameron optimized moveable arbor rip saw
  • Straight Line Rip 1 edge or Straight Line Rip 2 Edges to Max Width
  • Straight Knife Planing to sander ready finished thicknesses
  • Finger Jointed 16’ Moulder Blanks in Superior and Premium grades
  • Custom packaging sizes available